Apii Te Uki Ou Gala 2018 – Part 1

  • 5 Oct 2018 Back to the old skool for some fundraising.
    The gala was well-underway by 12.30 this year … what happened to ‘island-time’?
    As has become our tradition, plans to a) buy some food, and b) check out the other stalls — never happened.
    Adriana’s face painting was popular again, as was the haunted house. Tangiiau worked up a sweat climbing-and-then-falling-down the bouncy castle, pitched in the midday sun. By our estimation the real action was to be found at the art auction. (If you missed out on your favourite canvas, postcard versions are planned - see the TUO office)…
    Tags: Apii Te Uki Ou Gala, fundraisers, go local
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