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Island Booth + Facebook

Can I put my photo on Facebook?

For public events (like when we’re at the market), we make a Facebook album.
From the Facebook album you can Like, Tag and Share your photo.

‘Like’ our Facebook page and we’ll let you know when we upload a new album, or see our Gallery for older albums.

For private events (for a small fee) we can select and upload the best photo strips and individual photos (frames) for you.

You’re also welcome to photocopy, scan, or email your booth pix.

Facebook 101: Like, Tag, Comment, Share

There are a number of ways to interact with an Island Booth photo on Facebook.

Before you start, you need to Like the Island Booth Facebook Page.

  • Like Click the Like (thumbs-up) button or link under our news items, albums or photos to let us know that you came by.
  • Tag To let someone else know about an Island Booth photo, you can Tag it.
    When you tag a photo, the person who has been tagged receives a Facebook notification.
    Tagged photos are automatically added to that person’s Photos and Videos of You album.
    You can only tag yourself, or your Facebook friends.
  • Comment You can leave a note (comment) on your favourite photos.
    To the right of the photo, type your message into the comment box.
    Other people who see the photo will see your comment.
  • Share Share an album or photo to add the item to your news feed and promote it to your Facebook friends.
    Under the album or photo, click the ‘Share’ link, add an optional message then click the [Share] button.

Adding your Island Booth photo to your Facebook Page

You can have photos from Island Booth show up in your Facebook albums by tagging them.

  1. Find an album in our Gallery.
  2. Find your photo in the album.
  3. Click on your photo to view it (makes it bigger).
  4. Click 'Tag Photo', underneath the photo, bottom-right.
  5. Click somewhere on the photo and type in your Facebook name to tag it.
  6. Click 'Done tagging'.

You can also click 'Share' to add a photo or album to your wall (so it shows up in your newsfeed.)

How do I use an Island Booth photo as my Facebook profile picture?

  1. Find your photo in one of our Facebook albums.
  2. Click on the photo to open it (this will make it bigger onscreen).
  3. Bottom-right, click ‘Tag Photo’.
  4. Click the photo, type your Facebook name, then click ‘Done Tagging’.
    The photo viewer will now list the tags/names you have entered underneath the photo.
  5. Click ‘Make Profile Picture’ (bottom-left).

You can also tag your friends in photos to let them know that their pic has been posted.

How do I use an Island Booth photo as my Facebook Cover picture?

  1. First, tag yourself in an Island Booth photo - this adds it to your FB page photos.
  2. On your timeline, mouse-over the current Cover - the ‘Change Cover’ icon will display.
  3. Choose ‘Choose from photos’, then select ‘Photos of you’ (this shows an album of photos you’ve been tagged in).
  4. Pick your Island Booth photo from the album.

Tip: You might need to reposition the photo a bit to get it looking right.

Un-tagging/removing Tags

If someone tags you in a photo, and you don’t want the photo shown in your album, you can Remove the tag.

  1. Find the photo you have been tagged in.
  2. Place your cursor over the photo and underneath the photo, a menu bar will appear.
  3. Click ‘Options’, and then, from the menu that appears: ‘Report/Remove Tag‘.
  4. You can then let Facebook know why you want to remove the tag.
  5. Choose an option, then click [Continue] and the tag will be removed.

If you change your mind, you can always re-tag your photo later.

Deleting photos

We put only the best photos up, but if you want a photo completely removed from an Island Booth album, leave the comment [Delete] on the photo, and send us a Facebook message.

  1. Go to the Island Booth main Facebook Page.
  2. Underneath the cover image, click the [Message] button.
  3. Let us know that you’ve left a comment on the photo that you want removed.

If there are other people in the photo, you will need to get them to message us too. For group photos, we suggest that you Remove your tag from the photo instead.

How do I ♥ Island Booth?

If you’re leaving a comment on your Island Booth photos, you can use the heart symbol.

♥ ❤ ❥ ❣ ❦ ❧

Select your fav heart symbol from the list above, and copy-and-paste into Facebook.

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