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The Vaka Eiva paddling festival is held in Rarotonga, with auxiliary events in Aitutaki, late November each year.

Organised by the The Cook Islands Canoeing Association, traditionally events have focused on outrigger canoes, but in 2014 K1 kayaks made an appearance. Events include lagoon sprints and endurance, open-ocean events including the epic round Raro relay.
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  • Vaka Eiva 2014 – Paddles Up!

    28 Nov 2014 Weather cleared for a day of endurance events and catch-up for deferred races at Vaka Eiva. For many it was back-to-back racing, a quick freshen-up, and then back to VE HQ for prize giving.
    We were set-up in time for the dinner service and started the session with some quick pix with volunteers and organisers. With the help of juniors we met on Tuesday night, we took some great family fotos.
    Teams also hit the booth with their medals and trophies, and took advantage of our special same-night enlargement service.
    Meitaki to the VE organising committee for including us in the festival.
    Enlargements from the Vaka Eiva booth sessions are available from us at the market.
    Tags: Vaka Eiva, sports
    Tongareva 195 photos

  • Vaka Eiva 2014 – Oe Mapu Awards

    25 Nov 2014 After a day of battling the elements in Muri Lagoon (wind, rain, surf, coral heads), it was time to unwind up at Staircase. As dinner was served - delicious by all accounts - it was also time to dish out the awards, with shell medals for team members and carved team trophies.
    In-between formalities, the juniors took to the stage to share talents including crumping, crooning, and kapa haka. As background, we sort of ran the booth, that is until the local paddlers found out that strips were ‘for free’.
    Big prints available from the booth at event special rate of just $3.
    Tags: Vaka Eiva, sports, tamariki
    Green Tea 198 photos

  • Vaka Eiva 2013 - Sprints

    27 Nov 2013 We spent the early morning resculpting the boat ramp between Captain Tama’s and Sails to create a stable platform for the booth. Our ‘V6 Special’ proved popular with crews - even when they were 2 short of the requisite six… We took family holiday pix, some beautiful solos, and caught up with regular boothers. Elsewhere, Aroko was ferried between his port-a-cot on the beach and aunty at the Muri Market, or joined the paddlers in enjoying a cool-off in the lagoon.
    Tags: Vaka Eiva, sports
    Aitutaki 90 photos

  • Vaka Eiva 2013 - Oe Mapu

    26 Nov 2013 What better way to top-off a day of intense paddling competition than with great food, a beautiful sunset, madcap games, and Island Booth! Once word was out, the juniors made the most of the free fotos. All-up,the Oe Mapu Awards was one of our fav. sessions of the year - also the debut of fresh ’drop: ‘Parapotini’ (passionfruit).
    Tags: Vaka Eiva, sports, tamariki
    Parapotini 144 photos


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